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I'm pear shaped. Itty bitty waist and a round thing in yo... You know the rest. It's basically impossible for me to find anything that fits both my top and bottom halves. I'm a M/L on top and a size 12-14 pant. And all of the pants are always too big at the waist. ALWAYS. Who's that girl strutting across the subway platform while really stealthily yanking her pants up all the time? That's me.

So what's the answer? Well you can't expect to shop at one store, that's for sure. You have to embrace places plus size stores that go a little smaller and straight size stores for everything else. A lot of places I've tried (7 for all mankind and Bebe I'm looking at you!) have not been able to produce a pair of jeans that I could fit over my butt. So when the plus size stores are telling you you're too small, and the straight size stores leave you with nothing, what do you do?

Here's an example of an affordable/adorable "sweat till you die but still can't see the sweat marks because you're smart and wore a black top" outfit I put together from two different places:

Photo: Marcus Issac Photography

Sweatshirt: H and M, Size L, $17.99

Sports Bra: H and M, Size L, $19.99

Leggings: Lane Bryant, Size 14/16 $54.95

I suppose now I actually do have to go work out. Insert teary emoticon.

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