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Maybe you bought cannelloni beans to use in a dish recently and really couldn't be bothered to open them. Perhaps you enjoy the occasional vegetarian sausage. Perchance you love goat cheese on anything and anyone, just like I do. If any of these statements sound like something you would say to fill space on the phone with your mom, this recipe is for you.

Pros: You make it in the bowl, so you just have to clean the bowl and the little nonstick pan that you fried the sausages in even though your boyfriend has been using steel wool on the surface and your mother always conveyed with great dismay that you should never scratch a non-stick pan.

It tastes yummy.

It's fast, healthy and uses up leftovers. It has lots of protein and fiber and probiotics. And good carbs. Not heart palpitations after a soda sugar carbs (this happened to me recently and I thought I was going to die. Seriously. I'm not used to it anymore). And vegetarian if you''re into that. Use real sausage for all I care though, I would use them if I had them. And mashed potatoes. Oh how I miss those leftover Thanksgiving Potatoes.

Cons: There's beans ;)

Leftover 1 Bean Salad with Vegetarian Sausage and Raw Kraut

*2 cups arugula

*1/2 cup cleaned and drained cannelloni beans

*2 vegetarian sausages or whatever sausages you have

*3 TBSP raw sauerkraut (I buy mine but you could be a good person and make it. And save money. Google that shit on your own time, showoff.)

2 TBSP goat cheese


1TBSP olive oil

1-2 tsp based on preference of really spicy mustard, I like Colemans

1 tsp honey

1/2 tsp garlic powder

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut those sausagies in half and grill them on one side in a bit of olive oil (Grill both sides? WHY?). Probably use the pan later while cooking dinner without washing it.

While the sausage is grilling make the dressing in the bottom of the salad bowl you're going to eat out of because efficiency.

Throw in the arugula, beans, sauerkraut and goat cheese, mix (or arrange it like a douche for social media like me, ;) )

Throw those sausages on top and you got yourself a meal! You've used one fork, one bowl, and one pan. And frankly? Dinner is coming soon, so you could probably just give em' a rinse and go from there. ENJOY!

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