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Do you need a casual outfit you can wear before and after an enormous feast? Look no further than this gem: Long flannel with matching lipstick buttoned up all the way because classy (I think Beyonce convinced me I like this look after that "Flawless" video). Sexy dark jeans because cute and seasonal. Sneakers because hopefully your lame ass friends can be convinced to go out dancing after dinner with just the right blood alcohol level.

With my body type I don't like to wear big tops and tight bottoms. This works for some people, but when I do it I typically feel frumpy, and that I look a lot heavier than I am. If you're type of partially plus that's bigger on the top and smaller on the bottom, this look will ABSOLUTELY work for you. For my pear shaped ladies? Not so much.

I've found that in order for a large blouse to look cute on me, I need to tie it up top with high waisted pants (my pants had slid down slightly in this picture, but you get the idea). In my experience, and I think this is the case with many women, as long as I have a clearly defined waist, I'm going to look good.

Then, if you need a little belly break during your digestion break, you don't have to change! You can just strut into that hipster bar and wait until you digest your baby. Or until the tequila sets in(I recommend the IPA bloat for later in the evening, or never, but that's just me). Then request some 90's hip hop from the bartender, tie that puppy up and get to strutting, fool. <3

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