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Drunkie on a boat.

Let's start from the beginning!!!!

Here we are, early evening, just two happy, fresh, hopeful beauts on our way to the cruise! This is one of my good friends, Brooke Rodriguez aka Madame Finehouse. You can check her out here.

Now before we get into this, I should speak a little bit as to why I was so nervous for my first time at Full Figured Fashion Week (this was also my first event of the week).

I've been hearing a lot of criticism, online about how I don't belong at plus size events (as I wear a 14 pant but not 14 dress, I'm really only what we would call, PARTIALLY PLUS, GET IT?) especially after the Plus Model Magazine cover (even though I was supposed to represent the straight size world, not the plus size world in that particular editorial). So I was feeling nervous coming to the event as an aspiring plus model and experiencing the same kind of scrutiny (oddly enough in reverse) as I did in school growing up; which was particularly scarring for me.

So in an effort to be relaxed and not care if this did happen (which it didn't, everyone was incredible), naturally I carried a large clutch with a seltzer bottle full of straight gin. When I bought the VERY EXPENSIVE ticket I was under the impression that drinks were included, but unfortunately, it was only food that was comped (who would rather have food than booze?)! So I told myself I was bringing it to share...................AND THEN OF COURSE GULPED MOST OF IT WHILE I WAS NERVOUS. Let's see watch as the night unfolds...

Here we are again (as you can see, a bit more tipsy) after doing a Refinery 29 interview! Check that out here. I was absolutely wasted during this time.

So what did I do next in my stupor? Naturally, I went on a search for male companionship (aka drinking buddies). I was purchased a few cocktails (thank you!) and continued to add to my livers load for the evening.

Here we have me lookin giddy. Absolutely hammered.

And here, very serious. Still sloshed.

Here I am finally getting to meet the awesome Ana aka VivaLaCurvy in person for the first time! Holding one of my complementary drinks and the railing for dear life.

Just hanging out with Marj. Tanked.

Networking with the photographer Jose. Starting to sober up a bit. So naturally on my mile and a half walk back to the subway in 6 inch platforms, I tripped and skinned my knee.


In my defense it's more due to the shoes as I've done the same thing sober. And NOW THREE TIMES. I don't think I can wear these shoes anymore.

And here we are again. On the way home sweet home for a nice 90 minute subway ride after a 20 min wait on the lovely platform in my platforms. Next time I'm bringing flats.

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