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The Before. You can tell my darker natural color is the top of my hair.

Now, I don't think my hair was looking bad at all. But when Fatima from Broome Street Society suggested a possible collaboration, I JUMPED AT THE CHANCE. When a master stylist offers to play with your hair you say OK, WHEN?!

I had old baylayage which had turned into a bit of an ombre (several months after the main pic up here, see pic below). I didn't mind it, but OMBRE IS OUT NOW, so I had a decision to make. One shade lighter? Or one shade darker. HAS TO BE SUBTLE.


Online it said that darker would make me look more mysterious. I always used to go darker when I was younger, and sometimes this was true, especially one time I accidentally dyed my hair very dark brown which on me looked BLACK and all anyone could say about it was, WOW, IT'S SO.......................................................................................................................DRAMATIC.............

I was goth for a bit then... it's ok. I tried to scrub the color out but had to just watch it fade slowly like my spirits when I haven't had a snack for too long. But at the time, it went with my miserable classical pianist in school starving myself vibe. And it definitely made the red lipstick pop.

So I was playing with the idea of doing almost my natural color all over, maybe 1/2 a shade darker. Something like this:

She definitely looks super pretty, and mysterious. AND THOSE BROWS. I'm jealous. I kind of want to look like that. But stay focused Meara, think about how this color will look like in all the SHADES OF MEEWA throughout the year?

That's how I ended up making my final decision: It's August. What little beach time I've had this summer is soon going to be nil, and I have to pick something that's going to look good when I'm paler as well.

The model above and I have a similar skin tone (when I cake on a pound of foundation to correct to redness etc) when I have a tan. But when I'm paler in the coming months? It MIGHT wash me out a little.

So despite wanting to be mysterious. I brought in this picture (thanks for the cool hair album Pinterest!):

Hey Sexy Pinterest girl! I wanna look like ya!

Did I end up just picking the model who had eyebrows that were closer to mine? Maybe. But I think I made a good choice. I think she got the color SPOT ON BABY. She didn't even dye all of my hair, it was just baylayage highlights. How cool is that?

So all in all, I think I made the wise, responsible, sexy choice. What do you guys think?

The after. Same shirt, baby.

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