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Thanks for the blog post, kid. It's spelled, H-O.

To many, this is the truth:

I am a ho.

I am a slut, a hooker, and a fat-ass.

I am something that can be bought, traded, and thrown out.

I am...

...too opinionated.

...too delicate.

... too hungry.

...too loud.

...too smart.

...too slow.

...too crazy.

...too funny.

...too proud of myself.

...too concerned with others opinions.

... too ugly.

...too old. And also,

...too young.

...too forgiving.

...too independent.

...too big, and yet for some,

... too small.

How do I manage to be all of these things?

I'm a woman.

And none of these words have any power over me.

Very few things are as coveted, judged, legislated, adored and injured as much as the female form.

Feminine power exists very deep within all of us, and that, my ladies, that is untouchable. And the more you try to explore this, the more alarming that will be to both men and women.

The man in the screenshot above obviously intended to insult me by suggesting that I'm not allowed to be both comfortable with my sensuality and also a feminist.

He is wrong.

Feminism means that all of us are equal and worthy of respect. Even him.

It's absolutely true that:

You can be a man and a feminist.

A highly sexual woman and a feminist.

A stay at home mother, and a feminist.

ANYTHING, and a feminist.

EVEN if you hate lots of women, EVEN if you love men, EVEN if you're from another culture, EVEN if you choose to do things with your body that people don't approve of.

E V E R Y O N E.

And while I of course believe that men and non binary folks also have a profound power inside them, today I am talking to my ladies. So in case you needed to hear this today (like I do many days), here it is:

Regardless of the things people say to torture you mentally and the things that they can do to physically wound you; YOU ARE STILL STRONG, AND WORTHY OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH, AND RESPECT.

Whatever you believe in or don't, your soul is there, deep down inside of you, and no matter how depressed, angry, hurt, scared, and alone you feel, it's in there, and no one can fucking touch it.

No matter what men have done to you; they weren't able to abduct it.

Whatever your mother and father taught you; good or bad, it's still yours and yours alone.

Regardless how privileged, or how difficult your life has been, no one was able to steal it.

Even if you've fucked 100,000 men and women.

Even if you don't make any money.

Even if you enjoy wearing makeup and "girly" clothes.

And despite what people say to you because of their own issues, it hasn't left you. It's only growing stronger.

Even if you're unhappy.

Even if you're fat.

Even if you hate yourself.

It's there.

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