Imagine this: You went out danced all night last night. You stayed up till 5 AM. Slept until 1 PM. Went to the couch immediately. Had your coffee while answering emails and designing Instagram posts. And finally after doing your day old dishes, you sit down to enjoy some good old 2017 TV binge watching. While gazing at memes and baby pig pictures on your phone, like usual. And what do you have to deal with? What does Hulu have the AUDACITY TO DO? COMMERCIALS. The SAME, SHITTY PHARMACEUTICAL ONES, AND THE STUPID HPV ONE THAT PLAYS TWO IN A ROW EVERY GOD DAMNED TIME. One of my least favorites is the new Mazda commercial: "Can be a car be crafted, instead of produced....?" Huh? What? What does that even mean? Clearly not, Mazda is a multi-billion dollar car company. Don't try and sell me some mom and pop hand crafted bullshit!

After seeing the commercial some 50 odd times, have your man do some research, and find out that AARON PAUL is the voice of the commercial. AKA JESSE PINKMAN FROM BREAKING BAD. HAHAHAHA.

So what do you do? As another Instagram model, you've neglected Twitter because you thought it was stupid and now you have to try to build it up. SIGH....So you go to twitter to complain about Aaron Paul's hard R's. You try to be funny but you're not super successful.

And then.... AND THEN? WHAT HAPPENED? THEY TAKE IT DOWN. WHAT? Apparently Mazda can't take a joke.

So rather than having to stoop to muting the commercials every 12 minutes, or give up the PRECIOUS 90 SECONDS of your ever shrinking attention span, you go and grab your trusty condenser mic. And you record the bastard's phrase. (He probably made 7.5 million by being so fucking annoying.) Then what? You cut it up, and you put your frustrations into the beat. Your strife. Your heart. Your soul. You've given it all to the music gods in a fever of comedic songwriting. And it turns out catchy as fuck.

Original Commercial: :)