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I’m always surprised when I get direct messages that aren’t dick pics or disrespectful rants in broken English. But I actually received several responses by lovely women when I asked my Instagram followers if they would be interested in purchasing some of the items in my closet! Woot woot!

All of the items have only been worn once or twice for photo shoots and are in excellent, like-new condition. There are several items that will fit a wide range of sizes, some that are stretchy, and others that are either too big or small on me.

Check my measurements at the top of the page, and then follow the fit instructions under each item. Frequently, things that fit my bottom half are too large on the top (thus my term, #partiallyplus) or some things I think would work better on a larger or smaller frame.

If you’re around a size 10-16 or 10/11 shoe, I may have something you like! Everything is 50% or more off of the retail price, and many items aren’t available anymore. Plus you can sleep easy knowing that you’re helping me A) fund studio time to record more songs in better quality, and B) helping the wonderful people of Puerto Rico rebuild their Island after the most intense Hurricane in a hundred years!

I’ll set it up so that you can go to the website to check out the item (or comparable item if it’s a discontinued or limited edition piece) and then place an email button underneath so you can let me know if you’re interested. All items will be shipped in either flat rate envelopes (or larger boxes for coats and shoes). Once I calculate the shipping cost to your particular destination ( I’ll ship internationally if you’d like to pay for that, although it may not be worth it), I’ll let you know what the final amount will be and we can move forward accordingly. I’ll be accepting PayPal, Venmo, and Chase Quickpay.

Check it out! I’ll be adding additional items soon, enjoy!