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Boston: Food Poisoning and Great Friends...Editorial

Lory, in her designs, shot by Adam. Wow.

I had the immense pleasure and honor to shoot with Lindsay Adler this spring, and one of the best parts of working with her (other than the obvious) was her incredible team! I met Lory and Erin and fell in love with them and convinced everyone to go out for margaritas and tacos at the end of our second day. In my experience, the more humble and friendly people are, the more talented, hardworking, and a BIG DEAL they are. This team was OFF THE CHAIN, and down the fuck to earth.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, after many shared ugly selfies, harassing Facetime sessions, and the information that I had access to a car, I got invited to shoot with Lory and her husband Adam in Boston (And their kitty, snakes, and dog Scar aka Scott, pictured above).

It started out like any day in NYC. Traffic. Traffic on traffic on traffic. I maybe went 10 miles the first hour. Eventually I got out of the city, and hit the open road (or 2000 potholes, if you're from the midwest like I am, you would not BELIEVE how ATROCIOUS the roads are out here).

About 5 hours later (I drive really fast, believe it or not), I finally arrived to Lory and Adam's cute little lakeside cabin, complete with my own guest bedroom for the night! We drank coffee, snuggled the animals, and then ASSEMBLED THE TEAM for editorial baddassery. Lory and Adam set up everything; incredible makeup by celebrity makeup artist Noel, hair by Erin, and Lory went through all of my clothes and laid them out, threw a ton of things away, and made a dress of mine into a skirt. I wish I could live in her brain for one second and understand what it's like to see things from her perspective. She is a damn genius.

This whole process just taught me about the importance of having a great team. I try to do so many things on my own (many times because of a lack of budget, but still), and when you have a team of powerful, creative, hardworking people working with you, there's nothing you can't accomplish. The photos speak for themselves:

Track Sweat Shirt and Track Shorts: Simply Be

(The dress, which is now a skirt)^^^^^^^^^

Dress: Forever 21 Plus

Bustier: Windsor Store

Coat: Lory's Closet ;)

Lory and Adam asked their neighborhood Laundromat if we could shoot, and they even let us set up a light kit (that's the green glow you see in the background, Adam is awesome). All in all, it was a fucking rad day.


I went to meet a friend for some R-Rated fun (yes, also, hi mom!). And then guess what happened? At 2 AM? 30 miles from where I was staying?

Food poisoning.


Crying in the uber...

Hurling in the driveway...

Hyperventilating in the bathroom.... of a couple that I have now hung out with exactly... one time.

How's that for timing? I have the Worst. Travel. Luck. Sometimes (I have trips coming up, let's put good vibes out there, OH GOD).

So spent ALL NIGHT puking, and ALL THE NEXT DAY. On the couch with Lory while she worked on her pieces, I snuggled Scott and then got up every 10 minutes to barf while running the water so poor Lory and her hubs didn't have to listen to my liver bile coming back up. Lory made me soup, fed me watermelon, and nursed me back to health. And then I eventually peeled myself off the couch around 5 PM to drive back to NYC.

The end.

The wall in the art room. WOW. Lory. WOW.

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