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#SPONSORED: The Podcast

Hey! Guess what, Stephanie AKA BellaBombshel AKA Bella B and I have a podcast. AND IT JUST GOT TO ITUNES!!!!!

Stephanie and I start by recounting how we met: Getting drunk together at a fashion show we were walking in. 9 months later? We're on photoshoots together, getting ready to go to Miami to walk in Swim Week, and recording our podcast.

We've been recording for a couple of months now. NINE episodes. On what, you ask? On the life of what it's like to be a model and influencer in NYC of course. We read DM's, include daily tips on how to grow your Instagram following, and make fun of ourselves while also taking you into our daily grind, which is much less glamorous than our Instagram Stories.

We've had a few special guests, discussing everything from body positivity, botox, dating as an influencer, and how to shoot an outfit while dealing with the treacherous NYC weather (or on how we literally change clothing in the Manhattan streets in between outfits, because we're always out of time, out of money, and out of luck finding a bathroom).

Reasons you'll find this podcast entertaining:

1. It's quick paced. It's a conversational podcast but we edit it down so there's not so much RAMBLING. Love you Joe Rogan but 2 hours is a tad much.

2. It's filled with tips if you're interested in learning more about making money on social media.

3. Bella B has a soothing theatre voice and I can't compete with her diaphragm strength.

4. I put cool music behind each episode to set the mooooood, and I wrote the theme song!

5. There's a bunch of embarrassing and hilarious stories about the ridiculousness of the fashion industry.

6. It's inspiring. Both Bella B and I have had our struggles with loving ourselves and we help others learn how to do so in real time, with a lot of practical/authentic/funny advice.

7. We do dramatic readings of our DM's. That's direct messages. You're going to want to hear what these creeps have to say.

Check us out, and please rate us on Itunes! #Sponsored is in the process of getting.... HASHTAG SPONSORED!!!!!!! :)

Listen HERE.

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