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Express Leg Day Workout!

It happens every week. The dreaded...leg day...

I mix it up with different exercises, or variation on these three main movements, but if I'm short on time (often) or feeling anxious about the weight room (you would be too with a thousand creatine juiced out Brooklynites kept staring at your form and asking how many sets you have left!), I stick to a very basic and effective BOOTY DAYYYY:


20 Jump Squats + 10 lunges (on both sides), 3 rounds, 20 seconds rest in between each round

This gets your heart pumping and your bod SWEATING, trust me. I do a few dynamic stretches to prep myself as well, though I could do more if that DUDE WASN'T ALREADY TRYING TO STEAL THE SQUAT RACK. How are there more squat racks in my tiny hometown in Iowa than there are in NYC????


1.Squats. One of the most important exercises for the booty AND the full body. My form is still a work in progress. My heels should be on the ground holding more weight, but my calves are very tight. I'm squatting 145 here:

Here is a video of a mustached hipster learning how to squat properly from Mark Rippetoe, the author of Starting Strength, which I HIGHLY recommend for those wanting to learn about weight training properly, put on muscle, and get stronger. BE. CAREFUL. WITH. YOUR. FORM.

I do sets of 6 repetitions, 5-6 sets, adding on 5 more lbs on the last one.

2. Deadlifts. I don't use wrist straps (I've heard different theories on how they're great and or awful, I'm also cheap), so my hands aren't as strong as my legs are. I start doing reps of 6 but as my fingers and forearms get fatigued, I start to do 4 reps, then 3, then 2, and lastly, 1. Generally between 6-8 sets on any given day. Here's a video of my last lil guy:

More info and instructions here. WATCH YOUR BACK PEOPLE.

3. Third and final movement: Weighted Hip Thrust.

Like I said, I try to do more different movements in a workout, but if I can't/won't that day, I do this to failure. It make the booty BURN, and I can see a visible booty pump for a couple of days after I do it. I think this is the best movement for putting muscle on the glutes, especially the upper glutes, and I love love love, doing it every week.

This is 145 LBS. as well, I start with 20 reps and a break, then 15, break, 10, and then for the fourth set I do them until I literally have to stop, aka, to failure. Usually around 20-30 more depending on the day. I generally use a small step stool to prop under my back (with a yoga mat folded to cushion my spine), but there were none free this day, so I used the Bosu ball. FEEL THE BURN. Here's another instructional video to check out.

I highly recommend weight training for health, aesthetics, and just feeling strong and good in general. Putting on muscle is incredible for how you look and feel, and strengthening your muscles and bones greatly helps how you age, your immunity, and can even help you burn more fat, if that's one of your goals (there's a lot more benefits that are much more important than fat loss, for many people). BUT PLEASE, be smart, people! Workout with a knowledgeable friend a few times, or hire a trainer to get you started before you go off on your own. I can't afford personal training sessions either, but I have researched and trained with a few people who know what they're doing. Be careful of ANY fitness advice, including mine, and always listen to your body if something hurts or doesn't feel right.

I hope this inspires you to face your fears of the weight room (if you have any, I'm looking at you! I certainly do!) and start and benefit from strength training!

Now that's a #modelpose right there.

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