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Surviving NYC: The Brooklyn Budget Featuring Plus Size Lingerie, Swimwear and Halloween by Yandy

Have you ever "spilled" half of a Vitamin Water out and replaced it with tequila to drink on your 1.5 hour commute to the club in Manhattan? No? Welcome to New York!

The Brooklyn Budget is as follows:

1. 7/8ths of your monthly income on rent. That's a responsible use of resources, right?

2. Inordinate amounts on late night food deliveries (so you don't have to talk to anyone else that day.)

3. Shoes. Sex and the City was right. Except that it's more like sneakers that can fit my orthotics (THIS CITY GAVE ME PLANTAR FASCIITIS); rather than a pair of Manolos ("Hey, gimme your blahnik's!" Get it? anyone?).

4. Uber/Lyft/Via/: Some nights, it'll take you 3 hours to get home on the subway. You're going to want to invest in a ride sharing app. You'll also want to wear your seatbelt, despite the fact that most New Yorkers don't do it. NYC Taxis- Because the threat of getting pushed onto the third rail just isn't dangerous enough!

5. Rental Insurance. Or as I like to call it... keeping a few boyfriends (with king size beds) on retainer in case your roommate is practicing her tap number again.

6. Electrolytes: You're going to be chronically dehydrated; in a city with no public restrooms.

7. Coffee. Are you not accustomed to several $5 coffee's a day to survive in the city that never sleeps? You will be.

8. Lucky number 8. Here's the big one, folks: FASHION. You're going to want to your best in a city where your on-foot-sore-legged-dehydrated-four-boyfriended-self is constantly on the go and out scouting the latest opportunity, romantic partner, or potential secret public bathroom. Here's where Yandy comes in:

Article #1: How to look sexy in your dark NYC apartment. Put on a moody filter and some black lingerie and you're ready for any of your boyfriend's to come by. Call first. Shop my set:Top and Bottom. I'm wearing a straight size 36C on top and a 1X/2X on the bottom.

Article #2: When you're sick of the lightless windows blocked by skyscrapers of doom, go to the roof. It's like the opposite of a fire. Need a fire photo? Go UP. Nothing like being caught in your skivvies while a clan of construction workers pull out their phones on the building across the street. Shop my set (choker not pictured, I'm wearing a 1X/2X).

Article #3/4: Halloween parties are all the rage in Brooklyn. There's no such thing as a noise complaint in NYC, so you can blast music as loud as you want! Your baby's trying to sleep? Well we're trying to DANCEEEE! When you need to recover the next day, with your takeout and Star Wars mug that you stole from Boyfriend #1, Yandy has cute options for that as well. I'm wearing an XL/XXL in the romper and a 1X/2X in the Little Red Riding Ho-I mean Hood.

Article #5 : If it's between the months of April and October, you might be sweating on the train platform. Do you know what you need? A trip to Coney Island! If you're not covered in broken glass, you're not doing your beach day right! I'm wearing this bikini in an XXL.

In summation, if you're on a budget and wanting to look great for yourself, your girlfriend, or any number of your boyfriends, go to and use my code "meararose20" for essentially free money to use on other items for surviving in NYC, or your own city.

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