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The CurvyCon: A Recap

Me and my lil Scottish lassie Sophie (@sopheeturner).

My first year at CurvyCon was a huge success! It's like Comicon, BUT FOR CURVY BABES! My friend Lori said it best:" I love being around all of these curvy hotties all day. I feel so included and one with the group." Most of us are used to being the token big girl in the corner, not surrounded by many of our wide range of sizes and body types, with clothes we can actually fit into. IT FEELS GOOD.

CurvyCon was started by bloggers Chastity Garner and Cece Olisa. They created an event during NYFW that would ACTUALLY INCLUDE US (I don't really feel inspired after going to runway shows where the largest size is a 4, I love the styles, but it hurts to know I can never aspire to save up enough to one day purchase them).

Plus Size Models and Influencers

The After After Party, by Phani S (@pk_creates) At the Maree Pour Toi Pop Up

Left to Right, Front Row To Back: Sarah (@thecurvytrini), Stephanie (@bellabombshel), Heather (@heatherbcurvy), ME DUH, Grace (@thegraceelizabeth_), Jonna (@curvy_capone), Jenesia (@jcurvas), and last but very not least Tammy (@tammybnyc).

Meara Rose Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing partnered with me for the event and sent me two beautiful dresses (see above and below). I handed out gift cards and posted the dresses three times in exchange for my comped ticket.

The space was a giant two story shopping and event venue, with two different shopping areas. The models brought our comp cards and business cards and awkwardly handed out our info to all of the different brands (network, baby). Most of us pretended to shop while scouting out who was in charge; then shoved a comp card in their hand. We got to meet several brand managers face to face; which was exciting, many of whom we've only bartered and negotiated with via DM and email (I DO NOT GET OUT OF BED FOR LESS THAN $10).

The babes hard at work, Lori, (@loralyee), myself and bae, Stephanie (@bellabomshel link above).

After we spent the first day networking (and eating free hummus and cupcakes); we went upstairs to the lecture and fashion show space. There was a fashion show that blew my mind, simply because I've never snuck into VIP seating and sat so close to some of the QUEENS of the plus modeling world, including: Tabria Majors, Denise Bidot, Hunter McGrady and several other gorgeous curvies.

My fangirl moment outside the venue. We're both wearing Fashionnova of course.

All in all, it was a great weekend. The best part was all of the friends I got to see (and drink and twerk with), and lasting till 2 AM in my heels. Which for me, is a huge accomplishment.

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