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Black Friday For Agoraphobics

Have you been running into your neighbor at the grocery store? Panicking in a long line at Starbucks? Getting shoved off of commuter train cars? Then you need to try... AGORAPHOBIA! In 2018, thanks to the internet, it's officially the number one way to live your life without having to interact with people who annoy you! With everything you need to camp out in your apartment forever, ask yourself, why would I ever deal with traffic ever again?

Nothing sparks my agoraphobia more than Black Friday shopping. As a penny pinching poor Brooklynite millennial, I am literally unable to resist two things: avocado toast, and discounts on holiday shopping (for myself). However, as I've waited in so many NYC lines in the last 6 years, the idea of fighting several hundred ladies to get back to the lingerie counter makes me physically ill. Fear not: Yandy is having an enormous Black Friday sale including $2 panties and $bra sets, as well as Playboy Collection goodies that will have you screaming FOMO NO MO from the safety of your warm and snuggly apartment. Here are the Black Friday looks I'll be shopping from my couch whilst adorned in the finest lace lingerie and sipping a nice cabernet (it rhymes, I know, click HERE to shop):

I think this little number will work quite well for a romp on a Sunday afternoon, or simply answering the door when you've ordered takeout. There's no need to tip when you're sporting this cutie patootie!

For those who want to lingerie in the streets and club wear in the sheets, this ditty can work as a sexy home-frock, as well as a "come hither," selection that will have everyone at the bar saying, "I cannot wait to get her home and away from this dreadful crowd."

If I was planning on going out on New Years (which I'm not, are you sensing the theme here? Have you SEEN the crowd in Times Square on New Years?), I would check out this gold getup below. It reminds me of gold, which makes me think of money, which is what one can use to purchase New Years champagne with all the leftover dough they save when shopping Yandy on Black Friday. Take that to the BANK!

I went upstate this past weekend to get away from, you guessed it, the city and all of the people in it. As soon as we closed the door to our little cabin, I was popping a bottle of wine and slipping into something a "little more comfortable." This is my boyfriend's favorite look, can you guess why?

For me, black lace is one of my favorite options for lingerie. I'll always associate it with sensuality and class (and Sophia Loren). I love that I can slip this one over my head easily without the muss or fuss of a garter belt (which I also adore, but perhaps not when I'm at my laziest). The lace also rather conspicuously hides a little, but not much, hehe. All in all, this was my top choice for our weekend getaway, boyfriend and budget approved. Shop the sale HERE.

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