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Christmas Shopping For Your Sweetie: The Yandy Approach

Wondering what to get your sweetheart for Christmas? I always am. The last minute worry, standing in lines and frankly, sweating indoors in my coat is really THE WORST. That's why this year, I've decided: I'M THE PRESENT!

Instead of the grueling search involving "scents for men," and objects that involve a lot of leather/whiskey, and/or beer; I've decided to take the Yandy approach:

Step One:

1. Pick an outfit that goes with your scenery.

2. Place yourself in said scenery while you wait for your loved one to lay their eyes on you.

3. Start Ho-Ho-Hoing. You're welcome.

This first look is when you're playing the long con. You don't get to have a morning romp because it's Christmas Day and your in-laws are opening presents with you and your honey, and likely, young spawn of some variety. While you could use some sweet relief after the Christmas Eve caroling, sugary eggnog, and the always heartwarming questions such as:" When are you two going to have kids?"; you'll still have to make it through the watching all the aunts open their scarves. You're going to want to wear an appropriate and comfy top, with cold shoulders and a double entendre, just to keep things dangerous. You little rebel.

Looking for a green number to match the tree? These lovely, lacy pieces will have your booty POPPING with the accentuating leg straps. I wore this on my terrace in Mexico and by the end of our shoot, the hotel staff was tipping ME.

Do you miss crafting? And pom poms? And Lisa Frank binders? Yes, me too. This set is a combination of fun "sleigh bells," and straight up SLAY, bells, which is a cute way of saying, slay em', kid (sheer lace leaves little to the imagination).

Nothing says Ho-Ho-Ho like a "ho" on the roof in this cute bodysuit set. This mixes cute and sexy, which always causes the much sought after chemical reaction: "WOW I LOVE YOU, GET INTO BED NOW."

For those of you choosing green "Xmas Tree," shaded lingerie this season, this set will have you singing Disney lyrics about how your reflection is now FINALLY showing who you are inside.

Are you celebrating the holidays with no family around? How about the old, burst-out-of-the-box-scantily-clad-gag; very retro. This comfy romper makes it easy to hide in a box while you wait for your hubs to make it home. Make sure you get a big enough box so that you can bring snacks and champagne (those office holiday parties always run long, you know), and definitely don't forget to poke holes in the top so you don't suffocate. P.S. Bonus points if you have a pup around to save you.

Wanna see how I did my makeup for the two red velvet looks? Watch it HERE.

Make sure to treat yourself this holiday season, and don't forget to use my code "meararose20," for extra discounts and extra mistletoe money.

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