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Hashtag Sponsored Is On It's Way Up!

If you've been listening to our podcast, you've probably already heard: We just signed with a broadcast company: Acast! They got us onto Spotify now too, so we've essentially gone viral, NBD. We get to record in a very badass recording studio on the 6th floor of a super legit loft business building in lower manhattan. I've never felt more like a grown up ever. They have on tap Kombucha, a real soundboard, and even a roof for us to take photos. And almond milk....ALMOND MILK! Check out our latest snaps from the new spot:

They have the rooftop all to themselves, so we got up and took a bunch of photos, with REAL NATURAL LIGHT... IN NEW YORK...OMG!

We've been playing around with new ideas for the episodes now that we're officially "on air," in a big capacity, so if you've had any questions you've been holding on to, about how to grow your following or anything you've always wondered about the modeling industry, leave a comment and we'll answer it on air!

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