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Vitamin D + ME = Happy Girl's Spring Daily Routine

Wait. Today doesn't seem so bad! I feel like I might....almost....want to leave my house! What is happening?

Have I been drinking?

No. It's 9 AM.

Am I in love?

Well yeah, but it's been years.

Did I just win the lottery?

Definitely NOT.


That's what it is! After 6 months of living in a DARK, COLD HOLE whilst trying to work several different jobs, be creative, drink enough water, have a "social life," (only go to work events), win on social media, fight the Instagram algorithm, go to the gym in a parka, play music that doesn't make one think of a funeral, and moisturize like a gargoyle: SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

I don't feel like I have to fight depression/ productivity issues/ exercising as much in the spring; it comes much more naturally. Though my schedule is always changing due to the nature of the fashion/influencing/music business, there's a few important things about my day that stay consistent (like poop shakes and bedtime). So although I'm regimented about the parts of my day I feel are crucial, I still like to mix it up during the different seasons. Here are a few changes I'm making to my spring 2019 daily routine:

1. I'm mixing up my exercise routine.

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I'm definitely someone that can get stuck in a routine rut, and all winter long I've been doing: Daily cardio/ stretching, strength training twice a week, and a really heavy leg day every Thursday or Friday. I love to go out and dance salsa, go to exercises classes after work, and go out for walks/hiking, but in the winter, it's just too freaking cold (the late night commute home from salsa in the snow is no fun). This means I'm in a never ending spiral of working (many days from home) and then going to the gym, grocery store, and back into the dark apartment. This is a recipe for a snoozefest, let me tell you.

As soon as it starts getting nice out, I love to go out for long walks and listen to an entertaining podcast (like ours, hehe), drive upstate on the weekend and go for a hike, and spend any afternoons off out walking around the city and then meeting up with friends for a light dinner before heading over to salsa. If you're like me, and you're excited for the newly sprung spring, try mixing up your exercise, you will THANK YOURSELF. Variety is more important than we realize!

2. I'm drinking more green tea.

Source: Healthline.Com

Everyone knows about the dozens of benefits of green tea, and I can say from personal experience, that the more green tea and water I drink in relation to coffee, the better my skin is. We all know from religiously watching my Instagram stories that I'm obsessed with coffee and look forward to my first cup every day. But if I keep it to one cup first thing, and green tea the rest of the morning? I sleep way better, and my skin is much more hydrated, and I find it to be way more refreshing and easier on my stomach. As it gets warmer out, I don't feel I need to cling to my morning hot cup of joe as intensely. Iced green tea is so yummy, and has a light, great buzz to it (I've been known to drink coffee until I'm twitching). Most coffee shops have an iced unsweetened green tea option. Try switching up your caffeine!

3. I'm bringing out the big guns with spring cleaning.


I ACTUALLY clean the house (more than damage control) about once every month.......or two in the winter (if I'm being honest). The benefits of organizing my household are so obvious to me, and yet I procrastinate like crazy the second I get busy. I feel so much better, more creative, and productive when I get into a good cleaning routine. So this year, I've not only been chipping away at a big spring clean (giving stuff away/ reorganizing the do not disturb parts of the apartment, dusting areas that haven't seen the light of day for months), but I've also been saving up to hire someone to help me do a crazy intense, deep clean for a few hours one afternoon. There's a reason why many wealthy people keep a spotless home: it's a luxury that feels incredible (especially when you have help). Now of course, you can totally DIY this, but nothing motivates me like having another person to help keep me accountable, not to mention the investment (I'm cheap). Reorganizing and scrubbing out your entire home is therapeutic and a great way to start the spring. Just ask Marie Kondo :)

4. I'm getting more sunshine.

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While I'm a huge proponent of sunscreen, hear me out. Our bodies need Vitamin D in order to absorb calcium from our intestines, among other things. I've read research that says that you can absorb all of it from your diet; and of course, too much sun exposure can lead to many issues, obviously including skin cancer. But with that said, I'll let you do your own research on that. What I will say, is that I definitely feel better when I spend time outside, and I get just a few minutes of sun on my skin. There's some research that says that the boost of Vitamin D absorbed through your skin is good for you (of course, in moderation)! Just even walking to the gym on a sunny day can make a drastic change in my mood. So I say, get just a little bit of exposure (emphasis on little when you're as pale as I am), and make sure to wear sunscreen and cover ups when you'll be exposed for long periods of time. I've been going up on my roof or fire escape (welcome to NYC) for a few minutes here and there and it feels soooo good.

I also wear sunscreen on my face daily because I use retinoids and get regular laser facials, so if you use any of the popular skincare actives (vitamin C, retinoids, exfoliants) or get invasive skin treatments (laser facials, microneedling, chemical peels, etc), make sure to WEAR DAILY SPF!!!

5. I'm eating a little bit lighter.

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I typically eat a lighter lunch and then have a really huge dinner with my honey every night while we watch whatever show we're binge watching at the moment (have you all seen The Act yet? OMGGGGGGGG). While this is fun, it's also often recipe for a very lethargic evening. When it's nicer out, I tend to socialize more after I'm done working for the day. I love to go meet up with friends before I head home, go out for activities in the evenings, and as I mentioned earlier, get something light to snack on before I head to the dance floor (otherwise I get a stomach ache from all the spinning). I notice it feels better for me and my digestion to eat this way, (especially in the evenings) during this time of year. It keeps me feeling more active and sociable, which is almost impossible for me in the winter.

Send me a message if you have any spring routine switch ups that you love to add this time of year! I'll be posting a couple of delicious, spring inspired recipes coming up soon.

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