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I'm A Published Writer!

Hey Dudes and Dudettes (let's be real, I'm sure you'll all dudettes). I wrote an article about how I grew my Instagram following to over 100K, and I Phone Life Magazine published it! Now I can add published articlist (that's the word, write? See what I did there?) to my never ending resume of randomness (bartender/server, classical pianist and teacher, personal assistant, nanny, plus size model, influencer, blogress, what is my problem?).

Source: Paperblanks blog

Here's an excerpt about my thoughts on what images to post:

It's important to post clear, crisp images. According to a study of more than eight million Instagram posts by analytics platform Curalate, images that are predominantly blue, or cooler, tend to perform better than those that feature red, or are warmer. While there are many in-app filters and great third-party apps like VSCO and Snapseed that you can use to enhance your photos, most experts say the less filtered and more natural a photo looks, the better it does.

The biggest mistake Instagrammers make is to post low-lit, out-of-focus photos in a feed that has no theme. If you want to grow, avoid posting:

1. Overprocessed Photos: Avoid Snapchat filters, editing that appears unnatural, and photos with little light.

2. Selfies: A rare selfie is fine, but the more you have on your page, the less professional it appears.

3. Out of focus photos: Zoom in to make sure the subject of your photo is clear. You don't need to understand much about photography to post crisp, in focus content.

As long as you're creating well-lit, colorful photos that go together, you're on the right track. Natural light is usually best for those of us without professional lighting kits. All you have to do is go outside or find a nearby window. If you're looking into creating content that's indoors or perhaps in a city like mine where light--and money, time, and . . . hope (Oh, New York)--is hard to come by, you'll want to look into getting a ring light or soft box. This is important for everyone, whether your page focuses on aesthetics or not. You don't need to be a professional or to have professional equipment to develop a nice feed with lovely photos.

If you want to see the examples I chose, as well as read the rest of the article where I dive into the dreaded Algorithm, and other tips, tricks, and science to help you grow. CLICK HERE.

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