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My Sugar-Free Electrolyte Summer Lemonade

Photography by @Articbar

Is Summer hot? Is Tequila great? Is sugar "lighting your fire" in a bad way? Have I got the drink for you!

I've been having issues with stomach acid lately (possibly from the pot of coffee I"m drawn to every day, and most definitely from the tequila the night before if that was on the agenda), so I've been trying to eat less sugar (though ice cream this time of year is, a must, for me). I've noticed that sugary drinks tend to give me heartburn, especially on an empty stomach.

It's hard to find a refreshing drink that doesn't either, add to my caffeine consumption/add to my heartburn, and this is it (plus it can be a MIXER FOR TEQUILA, NOW ISN'T THAT JUST DANDY?)!

Naturally sweetened sugar-free lemonade! Using fresh citrus and natural sweeteners, plus my little summer secret: liquid electrolytes.

Between going to the gym every day, waiting for the subway on the 110 degree train platform plus humidity, and our AC BREAKING MID SUMMER; let's just say that I've probably sweat more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 6. It's really important to replenish your electrolytes after sweating (and before, during AND after booze cruising), so I bought these liquid electrolytes online. Since I've started incorporating more high quality electrolytes (most sports drinks barely have any at all, and tons of sugar), I've noticed a huge difference in how much better I feel, particularly during a heavy workout, or long day shooting outside in the heat.

The problem with these bare bones drops is that; without all the added sugars and chemicals, they don't taste great. So I came up with a recipe to beat the heat, both in and outside of my abdominal cavity (I'm old, this never used to be a thing):



1.5 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice (I just squeeze them directly into a container over a strainer).

6 cups water (I prefer it not so insanely tart/acidic for obvious reasons).

Dash pink Himalayan sea salt

2 tsp electrolyte liquid (optional)

5 tsp stevia monk fruit powder (this is my favorite, most people say to use liquid, but I use whatever I have).

I just throw all these ingredients into a big oversized bottle or gallon jug, and then shake and chug away! It's delicious over ice, great with tequila or vodka (and you'll thank me the next day), and helps you replenish what dat booty desperately needs without adding anything you don't.



P.S I spent hours making the perfect batch, slicing lemons beautifully, and waiting for the golden hour light to hit the glass just perfectly before I took my gorgeous lemonade macro shot....and then promptly deleted the photos by accident while out shooting new ones with my bro.

I used stock photography to get the point across, but let's all take a moment of silence for my lemonade blogger photo, while appreciating the great fashion shot my brother took in it's place:

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