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Wine Pairings?! Call Me Your Life Sommelier! Check Out My Beverage/Meal/Show Recs For How To Lounge

Who else regularly forgets what day of the week it is? Maybe it's because I'm freelance, but I often think I'm a day ahead or behind of what is actually reality. Welcome to my world! My girls at Yandy noticed this and sent me a package of their days of the week panties to help me remember :)

This, in combination with my regularly exhausted brain, inspired me to make this daily pairing suggestion (recipes, drinks, and entertainment options!) to go with each of my new undies for the day.

Do you ever finish a long day and ask yourself, "wait, what do I even know how to cook?" I know how to make tons of dishes, and I have over the years, but sometimes when I'm exhausted, the mere idea of having to decide what to put in my body and on the TV can be too much (even if I'm ordering takeout. Choice paralysis!). This list is to spark hope for that particular end of day mood!

Yandy Day of the Week Undies (I can easily wear a large as a 1X). Here are cute plus size options!

Monday Mood:

Mondays are tough even if you work 7 days a week like I do. Likely because my weekend choices have caught up with me (I want to sleep till 12 but I can't), and my boyfriend has to go into work at the thong-crack of dawn, all of which makes me cranky. Once you've made it through Monday, here's what to watch, eat, and drink.

Drink: Water. It's been 24 hours since the weekend. We all know what you were drinking Saturday night.

Eat: Easy Green Curry (takes less than 20 minutes), and if you're like me, you need some veggies after lots of fun food on the weekend.

Watch: The Great British Baking Show. Have you checked it out yet?! It's perfect to ease your mind after settling back into the work week. So chill, so whimsical, so... British (Paul Hollywood, I'm yours).

Taco Tuesday:

Drink: Obviously nothing goes better with tacos than an ice cold margarita. But I feel better when I drink less frequently, and I'll also save my sugar for dessert (it's been giving me heartburn if I have too much lately!) so I go for this recipe, with or without the tequila, your choice :)

Eat: Tacos. Duh. One of the best foods on the planet. I don't follow any specific diets or count calories, but I do feel my best when I'm around 80% Paleo-ish (lower carbs, lots of healthy protein and veggies, and fruit and sweet potatoes are yayyyy). Check out this paleo taco recipe (you can use any protein you fancy... see... I've been watching British Baking Show).

Watch: Mindhunter. Something about Murder can get me through a rough week that's just getting started. Guess I'm getting old! Give this show a couple of episodes to get going. I stopped after two episodes and refused to give it another shot for two years until my friend with the best taste said it was his latest fav.

Hump Day:

Drink: Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzers. I sub liquid monk fruit instead of simple syrup :) These are delicious and crisp, and the perfect mid-week pick me up.

Eat: Quinoa Veggie Soup. I like to do a few vegetarian or meals a week to try to take a few steps in the right direction for sustainability. I'm very much a meat eater (I buy ethical, pasture raised as much as I can afford, but hey, I'm a New Yorker on a tight budget), but I like to mix it up. I use homemade bone broth instead of store bought chicken broth for added OOMPH, but I'm really just saying that because I do it 1/3 of the time when I have the energy. Now that we're headed into "Fall" (it was 80 degrees here today), it's time for more SOUP!

Watch: The Office. It's my favorite show of all time, so I can't make any list without some sort of Office reference :)

Thirsty Thursday:

We're almost to Friyay. YAY!!!!

Drink: Chai. I love hot chai as it starts to cool off! And iced chai in the summer :) I make this recipe with coconut milk and monk fruit or stevia. You can use any milk or sweetener of your choice. I use decaf tea when it's after 12 PM too, which I highly recommend for all troubled sleepers out there.

Eat: One Pan Chicken With Apples It's apple season bishes, and we don't have time to clean more than a few dishes, because it's almost Friday!

Watch: Poledark. Do you like period pieces? THIS IS FOR YOU. OHhhhh the melodrama.

Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word:

Drink: Let's have a glass of WINE! It's FRIYAY! I love this boxed Rosé. I'm not wine snob, but this is not your grandma's Franzia and sprite (I'm from Iowa ok?!). I love boxed wine options now, as they don't go bad as quickly (I'll often tell myself it's "important" to finish the entire bottle so it doesn't go bad), and you get more bang for your buck.

Eat: One Pan Salmon. If you're like me, you go down social media cooking video rabbit holes and them promptly forget everything that looked good once you're tired. This is for you. And it's still quick and easy, because if you're like me again, you're gonna be pretty sleepy after that wine kicks in after your long Friday.

Watch: Katherine Ryan, The Glitter Room Standup Special. Do you like laughing with a drink like I do? I could not believe how much I enjoyed this woman's badassery and absolutely savage jokes.

Sexy Saturday:

Drink: Filthy Martini. One of my favorite memories of my many years in food and beverage was this: "I'd like an-on-your-knees-filthy dirty martini." That customer is my favorite, ever. If you don't know, that essentially means that a large portion of the martini is shaken with olive brine. I love blue cheese olives in these as well :) NOMMMMM.

Eat: Garlic Butter Steak Bites. Sorry vegetarians, this one is not for you. Give me some meat and veggies and I'm a happy girl. I love this with a martini and a side salad/ baked potato.

Watch: Broadchurch. Perfect weekend binge murder mystery material. I'm not suggesting you'll be able to watch all of these shows on each of these days, but this you could easily spend a weekend on. Just a thought. Wink wink.

Lazy Sunday:

Sunday's are very lazy in my household. We get up and go to the gym, regularly play board games with coffee, and then do nothing besides a few chores and watching movies/shows all day (and whatever work/shoots I need to get done of course, but I try to limit it to a few hours on Sundays).

Drink: My electrolyte lemonade (after all those martinis, of course).

Eat: Quinoa Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes (and I add these meatballs into the mix).

Watch: Barry. I never knew how much I love Bill Hader until I watched this dark comedy about a hitman turned actor. He's an amazing actor!

This concludes my "life pairings." Can I coin that term? I hope you enjoyed it! Send me more of your favorite weekday recipes, as I constantly forget what I know how to make. Hehe.

Today's post is brought to you by Yandy.

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