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Um, When Did Hair Clips Come Back?!

Ladies and gents, I'm very excited to announce that hair clips are back in style. Yes, the clips from the early aughts that we used to use with our ponytails while applying too much glittery eye shadow while listening to Britney's vocal fry (also back in style). With the exception of thin brows, I think we're seeing a resurgence in SPICE GIRL STYLE! One might say, I'm here for it. As the kiddos say.

I've been trying to think of fun ways to use them for shoots, and so far so good. I've come up with the "keep my hair out of my makeup," look, see above. As well as the "pretend finger waves," look, see below. This is for everyone out there like me whose hair is too fine to cut short layers around their FACE so they can't do NORMAL finger waves because their HAIR is too LONG. This is a point of contention for me, obviously.

I wore this hair style out on my friend's birthday for two reasons:

1. Once I put the bucket of gel on my hair, I was committed.

2. My hair was wet, and I didn't have enough time to both finish work and dry it before leaving the house. LOL. Necessity+ lack of time = new hair invention.

I got a number of compliments on it! So if you're looking for a new long hair style, for the fall, look no further. Pair it with a dark lip and you're all sexy spooky fabulous.

Another plus side is: If you put that much gel in your hair, it's not moving. I managed to go out all night, sweat, dance, sleep on it, and then wear it (hungover of course) to the Ipsy event I had to go to the next day. Who would've thought?!

New ways to wear long hair? CHECK!!!

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