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Wanna Do It Yourself? 6 Super Sexy DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together To Stand Out From The

It's almost Halloween! And you know my thoughts on the subject: why not dress as sexy as possible?! Plus, when the drinks are flowing and the dance floor is popping off, it's really nice not to be sweating through 6 layers, amirite?

1. Sexy Nerd:

We know you're super smart, of course, so this costume pairs perfectly with back to school, THOT-UM (get it?). Check out the glasses here.

I don't know why plaid/tie = nerd, but in this case, but if you look through any school related costumes, you always see plaid. There's a correlation for some reason, can anyone explain why?! I like the green color, but there's several options here. That may be all you need to create a DIY with your own wardrobe (which I know a lot of you are interested in), but in case you're looking for a sexy get-up to wear, if you DO want to wear a shirt (optional, in the city of NYC, legally, for example). I'd check out this dress below:

2. Sexy Hippie (Or Festival Girl):

Aren't these pasties enough reason to want this costume? I want more reasons to wear pasties and fishnet bodysuits out, frankly. I live in one of the weirdest cities in the world... I should be able to find an opportunity, right? No time like the present!

This bodysuit screams: "I'm here to dance and I'm also a regular at Coachella," which if you haven't watched Homecoming yet, that will certainly get you in the mood to PARTAYYY.

In case you want to go full on flower child (like I always do), these arm bands are just the thing to get you feeling the love and Age Of Aquarius vibes (if you don't get that joke then your parents are too close to my age and you need to get off this blog right now).

3. Sexy 80's:

Nothing says party like Rick-Rickrolling the entire guest list with your fabulous 80's self. Now that this time period is fully back in style, you can probably repurpose this look for a Saturday night out as well. Multiple colors are available. I like the bubble gum version! You can find the bodysuit here.

I want these leg warmers for every day life. But I doubt my humongous calves would fit into these bad boys. I'd recommend these for anyone that doesn't need a wide calf boot :)

These glasses can truly take you from day to night, especially if you're sleep deprived at any point in that exchange! You'll be able to fool them all with your sexy 80's glasses (when you've got multiple parties to go to, don't let them all know you haven't slept by mostly covering your eyes, wink wink).

4. Lara Croft (no need to insert sexy in the title, Angelina has that covered):

This tank is loose fitting and can fit a wide range of sizes. Of course any olive green or basic colored crop top/tank top you have an home is an option too. There's enough room to smuggle a flask in this bad boy :)

Here are some straight size booty shorts to pair with that top. You can show everyone your tomb hunting muscles in these, kids.

And for the big booty babes such as myself, check out the plus size hot shorts. Nothing says it's almost Thanksgiving like hot shorts in October :)

And last but not least, the ever important gun holster. If you're a true American, you'll definitely want to put in water guns with booze inside like I did when I did this costume. HEHE.

Pair with french braids and some stubborn front pieces that could definitely fit in the braid if you tried, but you won't (photo source, google image).

5. Sexy Bat:

Source: Google image search

I found this idea searching around online, and while I'd prefer the sexy version (of course), I think it's a more creative idea! We see a TON of cats and bunnies every year. But maybe you want to be a SPOOKY SEXY BAT for this All Hallows Eve? Check out what you need below.

If you're a New Yorker like me, or you were just trying really hard to be skinny for most of your adult life (like as me as well), you probably have a closet full of black clothing. For this costume you'd need a worn out old black umbrella as well. If you have those items, all you may need for this DIY is a pair of sexy ears.

However, if you're plus size and looking for a new, sassy dress to pair with those bat ears and "wings," check out this number. It's more lingerie than a dress, but look who's writing this blog. Are you surprised?

If you're looking for a straight size alternative. Look no further than this cutie up here (same as the white dress for the sexy nerd above. You could use for multiple costumes).

6. Poison Ivy:

This is one ultra hot costume that I've always wanted to do but haven't quite yet (why not Meara), maybe next year is my year! I'm going as a Sexy Cop this year and I couldn't be more excited to handcuff everyone at the bar.

I love love this corset... I first became obsessed with it when my friend Mindy wore it on the runway at "The Real Catwalk," with Khrystyana from America's Next Top Model. This is one of my favorite plus size Yandy (also available in straight size) pieces, and I think it would be perfect for a Poison Ivy DIY!

This might be called the "Jessica Rabbit," wig, but it definitely works for Poison Ivy as well. Then if you've always wanted to be Jessica Rabbit, then maybe you can get two costumes out of one, which is totally my MO :)

That concludes my 6 Super Hot DIY costume ideas, brought to you by Yandy.Com! I hope this helps you in your costume search. Send me photos if you end up using any of my ideas, and keep an eye out for my own Halloween posts on my Instagram, and my Tik Tok!

From my latest content creation shoot. Grab this costume in a size XL here.

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