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In Defense Of Boudoir: Why You Should Do A Photoshoot For Yourself Or Someone You Love

With all of the various news coming out about women in lingerie on social media, it really makes you start to wonder: WHAT is the problem with a harmless lingerie shoot? Does anyone really still think this is a big deal? If you're someone that hasn't taken a photo of yourself in underwear yet (but you find it intriguing, or maybe something you want to do but you think you can't), this post is for you!

While I regularly do lingerie modeling (yes with cellulite, yes, as a size 14/16, no, I didn't think it would ever be possible), I also post a lot of photos on social media, as an attempt to inspire other women to do so as well. While (as you can see in the articles above), those posts are now deemed "less than valuable content," by new arbitrary algorithms, I think it's very important for us to continue to battle this idea as often as we can. If I had grown up seeing women with my body shape in ads, I wouldn't have struggled so hard for so many years. So whether you're looking to shoot photos to post online, looking into becoming a plus size model, or whether you just want to treat yourself or someone you love, here's 5 reasons why you should do it, TODAY:

Wearing Yandy's Easy Breezy Rose Push-Up Bra in a 36C

1. It's a special treat for yourself or for someone special in your life, and also an excuse to pamper yourself! Most of us are so busy with work, school, kids, family, etc, that we don't always have the chance to get dolled up just for the sake of fun and treating ourselves. When was the last time you got a blowout, did a full face of makeup, and had a new fun outfit to wear for the sake of wearing it? When I'm not on set, I LIVE in workout wear and no makeup, which is great. But there's something special about getting all fancy, just for youself. By playing with fun styles and with hair and makeup that makes you feel good, it can be an exercise in self love.

Wearing Yandy's Victorian Lace Bustier and Thong in an XL (Available in Plus)

2. It's good for your self confidence. If you're comfortable with a nude shoot, if only just for yourself, I say GO FOR IT! Especially if you have a budget for a photographer, or if you have a friend who you trust who will know how to deliver some awesome angles for that booty. Being in a safe space and exploring your confidence and wild side is never going to be a bad thing, as long as you're taking care of your own personal boundaries. Practicing with your phone, or doing the whole thing yourself with selfie cam is also a great opportunity to appreciate your whole body from different angles while you watch.

Wearing Yandy Make It Or Break It Bodysuit in an XL

3. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. All of us hit plateaus whether we're single or coupled up. Why not do something to make you feel sexy, challenged, and proud of yourself, all in one? When was the last time you felt sensual just for your own fun? When was the last time you played with makeup in your room? If you're like me, it's been a LONG WHILE. Have fun, do something adventurous!

4. You'll learn new things to love about your body. You know what all this plus size modeling, boudoir shoots and body love photography have taught me? I love my hip dips and thigh brows. Something I thought WOULD NEVER BE POSSIBLE. I used to wear men's swim trunks to the beach for most of my adult life, REMEMBER? I used to do 10 day long juice fasts because of my legs. When you start to explore this part of yourself, you realize that if you fake it till you make it, you eventually do start to realize how beautiful you are (WHICH YOU ARE!).

Wearing Yandy Harnessed Hottie in a 1X/2X (available in straight size)

5. It's an opportunity to shop :) Owning a few (or more) sets of lingerie you absolutely love feels like another skill in your arsenal, trust me. It's a fun part of being a human! Play dress up! When you know you're able to kill it with a "particular set of skills," because you've done it before? It heightens your openness and assurance in multiple areas of your life.

Whatever your boundaries and opinions are on this topic, I always suggest pursuing new avenues to feel good, sexy and accept your body :)

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