Sale Shopping Distraction Tactics

November 27, 2019

I'm sure you're currently inundated with Black Friday deals and having a hard time deciding what you're going to treat yourself to. Guess what? When you spent your rent money on a whole ton of deals, you know what's going to happen? Your significant other is going to be ANGRY. 


Guess what distracts an angry person? A SEXY WOMAN. 


Here's how you can distract YOUR person and still have enough moola for that flat screen leftover:


 Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Ravishing Red Bralette Set in a 1X


Here are the Yandy deals you'll want to check out:


Up to 95% off 1000+ different items! With the following deals: 
Teddies Starting At $5.99:
Chemises Starting At $5.99
Bra Sets Starting At $6.99
Babydolls Starting At $7.99
Bodysuits Starting At $14.99
Bedroom Costumes Starting At $5.99
Robes Starting At $13.99
Plus Size Styles Starting At $1.25
Dresses Starting At $7.99
Vibrating Lingerie starting at $19.99 


You can definitely get into trouble without actually getting into trouble. Ya dig? 


 Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Strappy Embroidered Lace Chemise Set in a 1X



I think I'll distract the internet with this one tomorrow. The filter matches my mood. Good night, kiddos. 





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