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F$*K Cancer

Thank you to everyone who's reached out to check on me and my family. It means the world to me, and I wouldn't be able to get through rough times like this without your support. There are no words. Thank you.

I thought I would write a mini blog about some ideas about what to do when a loved one is suffering. When someone you love is in pain and is scared, it's one of the worst things that we experience in life, besides experiencing the pain ourselves.

When your body is fighting so hard to stay alive, it can be hard to focus on much at all. Rest is paramount, and a quiet, calm, and if you can manage it, humorous, environment is the only way. Feeling helpless is a normal part of this process, and it can be hard to come up with ideas of what to do. Here are a few, if you or anyone you know is going through a similarly tough time, which unfortunately, many of our families are:

1. Board games. Patchwork and Carcassonne are my two latest favorites, thanks to Pete.

2. It can be hard to get through a full movie, sometimes even to watch a movie. But standup comedy specials and podcasts can provide a little bit of laughter, which is always, always a good idea in a dark time. The Glitter Room by Katherine Ryan is my favorite I've watched lately. And anything by John Mullaney.

3. Short walks. And a few minutes of stretching. We're luckily surrounded by some beautiful terrain in Portland right now, see the unedited photo I took on my phone below:

4. Go for a drive and listen to their favorite music.

5. Meditate, pray if that's something you're into, and talk about any old memories that you know will make them laugh (in a good way).

My heart goes out to anyone who is, or who knows someone who is currently fighting cancer. I hope this is a tiny step in the direction of easing your or your loved ones pain. Sending you all love.

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