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Dating Someone? No? Want To Be In The Next 2-18 Months? Here's Your Spring Thirst Trapping Guide

Cuffing season is over, folks. It's quarantine season. Know what makes 6 months of winter even better? Being stuck social distancing once it finally warms up. Whether you're quarantined with bae (my boyfriend just drove out from NYC a week ago, and I haven't been around him at all for 8 days. 7 more to go), or whether you're on dating apps looking for men with toilet paper (to meet up with this summer OR LATER, STAY AT HOME), this blog post is for you. Yandy just sent over a bunch of spring lingerie goodies that are perfect to make em' all thirsty!

Stuck at home with your partner? Lucky you! I bet around the 11th hour of Netflix and chill they get real frisky. No? Well maybe it's time to switch it up! There's an internet trend going around where babes enter the room in nothing but their birthday suit to try to get their boyfriend off of the video game they're playing "with the boyz." It's usually a pretty effective tactic. I think walking in the room in nothing but Yandy lingerie will also do the trick. Plus, who doesn't love leaving a little something to the imagination (also, it's something to strip off, striptease style. Just a thought).

Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Hues of Jade Ruffle Teddy in 1X

This number (and all of these below) are perfect for that sort of stunt to get your honey's attention. I love the polka dots and lace details on this blue number that says, don't be blue, let's snuggle up and entertain each other :)

I wore it under a t-shirt with jeans recently as well, and it's a perfect layering piece. I'm wearing a 1X.

Wearing the Yandy Single Lady Minidress in a pink OS

I feel like you could definitely wear this Yandy Dress in Vegas. But I've never been to Vegas, so I wouldn't know (yes this is passive aggressive, someone please take me to Vegas). You know where you can definitely strut around in this? Your living room. The pink really pops against most wall colors and I personally want to see what tan lines would look like in this super hot minidress.

Home Date night idea: make your own Vegas night! Complete with cocktails, card games, perhaps a quick strip poker (make sure to wear SEVERAL accessories with this dress, hehe). Don't have a significant other yet? Try it over Facetime with words with friends, to become... more than friends.

Wearing the Yandy Peachy Keen Flutter Bra Set in XL

Pretty in pink? Yes please! I'm wearing black lingerie underneath these pretty pink polka dots for a little censorship, as these are totally sheer. This set would be another great option to make sure bae is at attention at any point during the day. This is probably my favorite light pastel for Spring, so even if we have to stay inside, at least we can feel springy indoors.

This set is a fitted thong with short sleeves that leaves very little to the imagination. Perfect for Instagram photos hot enough to make anyone parched. Make em' all count the days until they can see it in person.

Wearing the Plus Size Simone All For Blue Bra Set in 1X

Light blue florals? Absolutely! This floral halter is the cousin of pretty in pink above, but has a bit more coverage with the full coverage bottom. But don't worry...the sheer nature of this set still means you're in thirst trap central.

I have to decide which of these I'll wear when I can finally hug my man again. I CAN'T WAIT! Send me a DM if you have a favorite.

This post was brought to you by Yandy.Com, and make sure you take advantage of my 20% discount with the code "meararose20."

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I wear an XL and a 1X in lots of items. Want to see exclusively plus size options? Check it out here.

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