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Hot Girl Spring? YES. It's Still On. We Just Might Have To Get Creative With It This Year

Are you lucky enough to be coupled up in this quarantine? I finally am. While I'm going through a rough time (as many people are right now), I'm very grateful to be here with my family and to now have my guy here with us, safe and sound outside of NYC.

He drove across the country to be here, and when he first got here, he had to quarantine downstairs in our guest room alone for 2 weeks to ensure that everyone was safe. We have a little skylight in my house where we'd look at each other and chat more than 10 feet apart. He called it the Romeo and Juliet balcony. We're a very touchy feely type of couple, so this was particularly weird for us. Surprisingly, it was actually kind of fun. To feel the lovely tension of being able to finally talk to each other in person, but have to stay 6 feet apart was quite exciting (wink, wink).

For those of us who are with the ones we love, we might also be getting a bit, how to say, um...familiar? This is a great time to remind each other why you fell in love, and also to mix it up :)

Here are a few ideas of couple activities to keep from going utterly mad and to perhaps spark... fun (with the help of Yandy, as usual):

Go for a drive. If you have a car and you're able to go somewhere remote in nature. Take a drive together and bring a picnic and a bottle of wine. Getting out in the fresh air can help you from going crazy (plus, I'm not going to list the other activities that can take place in the car). Wear this sexy bodysuit from Yandy (I'm wearing a 1X/2X). The veteran move? Wear it under a skirt so it looks like a normal bodysuit, and then take off the skirt and leave the heels for the rest of the ride. I promise it will make the car ride much more interesting!

Wearing the Yandy Mesh Mystery Mini Dress in XL

Write your partner a song (you don't need musical talent). Find an instrumental version of a song you like (write a rap to this one), or a ballade love song to this one. It can be funny or heartfelt, and unless you're a ham weirdo like me, it will probably be a pretty big surprise as well!

Re-enact Pretty In Pink scenes in this number, the Yandy Forward Thinking Rose Balconette Bra and matching Tanga Panty. I'm wearing an XL.

Have a movie night... but a pretend it's real one (with the exception of the whole, wearing clothes thing)! Set up a viewing area, make popcorn and fake tickets. Turn off the lights and NO TEXTING ALLOWED! Arrange a specific showtime that you must be on time for. Make homemade candy together first for extra bonus points. Or better yet, BECOME the candy after the flick with the help of Yandy's Candy G-String.

Wearing Yandy's Flower Child Lace Chemise Set in XL

Play Patchwork, a super fun and strategic two person board game. Wear this cute number while you play and challenge each other to the "best of 3, strips," version. The beautiful sheer lace leaves little to the imagination anyway, so you're bound to win with the power of distraction. I love the colors here too, it reminds me that spring does indeed exist and at some point, the world will continue on.

Wearing the Yandy Monica Lace Bra Set in 1X/2X

Looking for a super spring themed lace set in PLUS SIZES? Look no further. This purple color is incredible and just what the doctor ordered for reminding you that the world continues to turn. If you have a little outdoor area, wear this under your dress while you both make a small fire. Make 'smores, have a glass of wine and then come back indoors and light each others fires :)

This blog post was brought to you by Yandy! I love their lingerie and adore working with this brand. For more plus size lingerie, click here. Swimwear? Click here. Wanna play dress-up stuck at home? Check this out.

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