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Hangover-Free Margarita Recipe

2020 is the year of makeup-free, bra-free, hangover-free cocktails. After the sobbing subsides, on many evenings I'll be on the couch, in sweatpants, drinking a margarita (like above). What a YEAR!

If you too want to have a couple of cocktails without the morning headache that typically presents with your standard corn syrup laden, well-tequila frozen marg, then you'll want to keep reading.

First things first, I sub sour mix/margarita mix with Orange Zevia and lime juice (not-sponsored). You still get sweet (and even bubbly, which I like a lot), but there's no heartburn or headache that accompanies, like I often experience with your standard fare, restaurant frozen margarita.

Next, I add electrolytes. Who needs a salted rim when you can add electrolytes that help you stay hydrated while you drink tequila :)

I blend it up with ice, and the carbonation makes a frothy, yummy, delicious, no sugar, no hangover marg. I couldn't recommend it more (in the photo above, I added a bit of mango, which is also EXCELLENT (and has lots of Vitamin C for your liver, hehe).

Healthy drinking? Well, it's HEALTHIER!

Meara's No Hangover Margs

3 oz tequila (yes it's a double, thank you 2020)

3 oz lime juice (I like it tart mixed with the sweetness of the Zevia, but you can add to your liking, I find a bit more tartness counteracts any aftertaste from the stevia, though I don't personally mind the taste. If you do, I recommend you try it my way!)

1 can orange Zevia

1/2 quart of ice

8 drops of Hi Lyte

Optional: Add any fruit to blend or garnish as you like.

BLENDDDDD and lay down to enjoy. Someday we'll make it through 2021 and we'll be able to go out to get professionally made drinks and hangovers in real life. For now? Skip the headache.


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