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Wigs R US: A Wig For Each Mood Through 2020-Featuring Yandy

Wearing the Yandy Bombshell Curly Wig in Red with their Staying In Robe Set

This year is all about finding ways to entertain you and yours while (for the most part) stuck inside. I find that playing dress up is a fun way to entertain and excite my quarantine buddy while allowing me to pretend I'm headed out to a glamorous event (key word, pretend). When I'm sick of laying around in pajamas and sick of feeling like myself, I play with these 3 characters (hehe):

This is Jessica (Rabbit). She is a classic beauty who is always ready for her closeup. She bathes in milk and drinks champagne, sometimes right out of the bottle. Jessica enjoys long phone conversations with her quarantine friends and thinks culinary treats made out of jello molds are the latest culinary fashion. She wears a girdle often, but loves this set as it's classy but also extremely comfortable. Black lace is such a tradition when it comes to lingerie and she LOVES the classics.

She wants to be like Marilyn but is really more of a Lucy (as she's often silly, and occasionally funny). Jessica loves salsa music, cooking with an apron, and avoiding white picket fences.

Wearing the Yandy Super Long Straight Wig in Blonde and their Tatiana Strappy Bra Set in Pink

This is Paris. She loves all things neon, flashy, and sassy. Don't catch her in the wrong mood because you might get an ear full! Paris's drink of choice is a Long Island Iced Tea, because she prefers the destination over the trip. Paris posts on social media OFTEN and is a self-proclaimed fan of attention. Lifting weights is her favorite workout, and she loves to post her sass all over the internet.

Of course, her favorite song of the moment is WAP and she's inspired by those who can do cooler twerk moves than she can. One time, a hater on the internet told her she needed to exercise more and eat less and she deadlifted him and threw him out a window.

Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Strappy Red Satin Dress with their Banging Long Straight Wig.

This is Carmen. She smiles much more frequently than she wears a bra. Carmen is quiet but will be quite loud if you finish the bottle of wine without her. Preferring snacks over meals, she rarely cooks but always offers everyone in the household popcorn with nutritional yeast. Hot sauce is her favorite condiment and she only drinks big, bold red wine.

Carmen comes off like a bad B but will snuggle you in secret all night long. She snores but she's generous with blankets. Her favorite bands are Tool and Rage Against the Machine and her favorite pastime is silence.

I am these women, depending on my mood. Which are you right now?

Shoutout to Yandy for providing me all the materials to have fun with all of these goodies. I even made a TikTok about which of my personalities is hotter, which you can view here. Like that hair-pulling transition?

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