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3 Perfect Valentine's Day Lingerie Looks From Yandy- With Date Ideas To Match!

Maybe you're in the mood for a cozy night in, or you're celebrating with your sweetie with a nightcap after a beautiful date night (depending on where you are!). Whatever mood you're in, Yandy has the perfect goodies in size XS-6X to treat yourself or your somebody special! Make sure to take advantage of my discount code when shopping, so you get 20% off their entire site. Use code: "meararose20" for money back, which is cash you can spend on extra champagne and chocolate!

Date Idea #1: Cocktails And Massages

Wearing the Plus Size Melting Heart Crop Top Set in OS Fits Most

Nothing says sexy Valentines Day more than hot pink, hearts and leaving little to the imagination. I love that the mesh leaves very little unseen while still feeling like a complete look (not pictured, matching garters that of course got caught in my zipper on the plane!). I'm wearing it with a bra here for censorship purposes. This set comes with a crop top, matching garter skirt, surprise panty (you'll see), and garters. The color is so fun and sexy!

Start the evening with desert by making you both this Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. Light candles, and create a space for your special honey. Don't forget to turn up the heat if you're somewhere cold! Let them get comfortable while you change into this fiery number and give them a little turn so they can see you in all your glory while you rub their feet. Take turns massaging each other before you investigate this outfit's SURPRISE (that's all I'll say!).

Massage Me Please!

Wearing the Reina Floral Romper in a L/XL.

Date Idea #2: Netflix And Chill: Emphasis On The Chill

Tease in a cute and comfy way in this floral romper, or wear while you do a cozy solo V-Day at home! The cheekiness makes it flirty while still being comfy enough to lay around and snuggle for hours. If you're spending the night solo or with a partner, this romper is a silky, soft way to treat you and your partner in a slightly more casual way, if that's your style!

Pop a bottle of champagne, put on something sexy like Bridgerton, and make one of these upgraded popcorn recipes.

The perfect way to feel cozy and sexy at the same time :)

Wearing the Furry On Home To Bed Teddy in XL

Do you want to look like a present and feel like one too? Have I got the teddy for YOU! I'm not always all about fluff, but I love that it helps emphasize my hips and make me look more hourglass shaped. I feel like some people are typically either ALL pink or ALL red when it comes to Valentines Day (a loyalty that comes from first cards we received in elementary school, no doubt). Wherever your loyalty lies, you get both, and the light pink compliments the deep, sensual red, which as you all know, is one of my favorites. If you don't want a ton of bells and whistles but still want to feel super sexy, feminine and beautiful, this one is for you!

Date #3: Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Yandy's Naughty Truth Or Dare game. Make these unusual Inside Out Chocolate Covered Strawberries for a twist on the classic! You'll even match, in this getup.

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