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3 Steps To Getting Swimsuit Ready This Summer: Featuring Yandy Swimwear

Are you already exhausted by the number of "lose the quarantine 15" posts you're seeing all over the internet? Recipes with few carbs and even less flavor? STUPID exercises on Tiktok that involve thrusting and many people making false claims that doing ANY exercise for 5 minutes a day could have any impact at all? I know I am. So here's MY version of 3 steps to get swimsuit ready after the pandemic:

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Wearing the Yandy Old Habits Dye Hard One Piece Swimsuit in XL

This suit is super high cut and SEXY, while still offering one piece coverage. The colors will make your tan POP, and it's super soft and stretchy material that will fit a variety of sizes.

Rule #1

Are you sick of seeing the same posts and ads I described above? TELL THE ALGORITHM. On most social media platforms you can say "see less of these types of posts." If you click that button enough, before you know it, you won't have to look at them at all anymore. How easy is that? I highly recommend unfollowing anyone who is promoting fad diets, science-less claims, and new "weight loss hacks." But that's just my two cents.

Rule # 2

Are you feeling pressure to lose weight for another person other than yourself? Maybe that you won't be attractive to your crush with the quarantine 15? If they don't like you a few LBS heavier, then they don't like you that much at all. And why would would you want to be with someone who isn't into you?

Is that an oversimplification? Maybe. But we tend to overcomplicate issues that can be boiled down to very simple facts. Is the person you're interested in critical of your body? Get critical of their motives. I encourage you to treat your body in a way that supports your own version of health, whatever that means to you, and to find someone who appreciates that. Oh, and maybe what's inside your head and heart as well, just a thought :)

Wearing the Yandy Double Crosser One Piece Swimsuit In XL

I'm not going to lie, I had trouble figuring out how to put this on. But was it worth it? YES! Look at this criss-cross sexiness! Sometimes a one piece is hotter than a bikini, am I right? I think this number is so classy and timeless while still being SEXY AS HELL.

Rule #3

So you're feeling pressure to change your body for this upcoming swimsuit season. You could do that if you wanted to. You could start counting everything that goes in your mouth, meal prepping, working out for hours every day, etc. That's completely within your control and up to you. But have you ever tried it before? Have you ever thought, "I'm almost there! Just 5 more pounds to my dream body!" Have you ever emphasized these specific benchmarks that you think are SO important for periods of time and then met your goals?

I have. I've fasted for 10 days, lost 30 lbs in a month, run miles before spin classes where I lost 7 lbs in sweat and cried from the drill instructor screaming at us. And you know what? I wasn't happier. I wasn't more confident. If anything, I was more anxious because once you've hit "the top," there's no where to go but down. Once the insecurity wasn't being "overweight," anymore, it was then not having visible abs, or having breasts that are too small, or a jawline that's not pronounced. If I've learned anything from this process, it's that it's ALWAYS GOING TO BE SOMETHING.

The sad fact is that no matter what our goals are, once we meet them, we'll be satisfied for maybe an hour before we start thinking, "well, what if...." It's human nature. We're never satisfied, no matter what we accomplish, and once we accomplish what we set out to, then we want something else. I always say, even if we could have a surgeon magically sneak into our room at night to "fix" all of our "imperfections." We'd develop new ones. It's simply what being a human is all about.

So what if we practice neutrality instead? What if our body is something that is currently miraculouslyl converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, digesting our food, and holding our loved ones? What if the "ideal" you seek is a fad that will go out of style in ten years (which it will). What if you decided that TODAY, you're going to allow yourself to feel beautiful no matter what you look like, even if you think it's "delusional?" You will never be as young as you are today, ever again.

If the last two years have taught me anything, it's how short life is and how much of it we spend yearning for something we don't have. What if today, we practiced feeling grateful for what we have, and content in this moment, because this moment is the only certainty we have?

Wearing the Yandy Star Of The Show Bikini In XL

Please buy this for the 4th of July and make jello shots. Please. Just do it. This cut of thong bikini is my absolute favorite that I've ever found for my shape. I highly recommend. And the boob cut out? WHAT COULD BE HOTTER?!

Wearing the Yandy Serpent In the Sand One Piece in XL

It's a bikini... it's a one piece... it's... BOTH! Hook or unhook this LOOK for a sexy rhyming sassy-fest! This suit is nice and supportive/thick (just like me) so you'll feel both sexy and secure all day. That plus snake print and minimal tan lines? What's not to love?

Wearing the Yandy Dare To Love Bikini In XL

This is the same cut that I'm obsessed with from the Star Spangled look above, but with RAINBOWS for pride month! I so wish I could go to a parade in this, but alas, next year. I think the colors go so well with my new hair, don't you think?

Wearing the Playboy X Yandy Playboy Classic Triangle Bikini (also available in Plus) in XL

When Yandy first told me they were collaborating with Playboy I couldn't believe it! It's so exciting to see such a long standing brand hook up with one of my favorite smaller companies. AND THEY MADE PLUS SIZES thanks to all of my babes at YANDY! This suit is super silky and smooth, with the classic Playboy logo that makes me feel like a playmate 24/7. It's so exciting to be featured in this campaign! I never thought I would see the day, especially at my curviest I've ever been!

I highly recommend you check out the other Playboy X Yandy options.

Looking for strictly plus swimwear? Here you go!

Plus size lingerie? HERE!

Bedroom costumes? HERE!

My Yandy Vixen Shop? HERE!

Thank you so much to Yandy for making this blog post possible! Be sure to take advantage of my discount whenever you're on their site. You get 20% off everything on with the code "meararose20."

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