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Accidental Genius: Again. Indian/Greek Wannabe...Tacos? YUM!

Well folks, it's happened again. I've stumbled upon culinary genius by accident. It's based purely on necessity and picky eaters, but in this case, it worked OUT!

I wanted something Mediterranean, but I knew my dad wouldn't love most tagine-ish type dishes, so I decided I would sub it for butter chicken, which I would place in the same category under yummy stewed meat. Next, there were NO pita breads at the local grocery store. None. The only thing I could find were these diet little flax flatbreads. So there were no pita sandwiches like I wanted.

Next, I really wanted tzatziki, and hummus, and falafel. But I could only find 1/3 at the store. I would have to make my own Tzatziki! But when I put it all together? When I layered the hummus on the flatbread, with the butter chicken and topped it with feta and tzatiki? IT TURNED OUT AMAZING! It's almost like an Indian/Green TACO! You have to try it.

Components of This Crazy Recipe:

I used this easy butter chicken recipe (you only need a few basic spices, many Indian recipes are amazing and super complicated with homemade toasted spices).


This Tzatkiki recipe (I added an extra clove of garlic which I found to be necessary. I kept smelling garlic under my fingernails all night though, HAHA).



Store bought Hummus (I used a local brand but homemade is best! I love this recipe).

Low carb flatbreads I found at the grocery store, any will do.

Layer up and eat HOT! These are SHOCKINGLY good. Let me know if you try it!

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