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Ho-laween 2020: What To Wear- Where, and How to Make Sure You Have A Sexy, Safe, Halloween

Halloween 2020. What. A Year. Who can believe it's already Halloween? Something about the days taking an eternity while the weeks fly by is making it hard to believe that 2020 is more than halfway over already. We can only hope 2021 will be better.

Are you planning on celebrating Halloween this year? Some people in areas with low numbers will be able to go to Halloween house parties, while others will need to get more creative. Fear not! I have a sexy, Yandy solution for everyone in every climate and in every level of quaratine. Here we GO!

Wearing the Yandy Tiger Queen costume in XL

This is, by far, my favorite Yandy Halloween costume I got this year (Hahaha). The sewn in tiger is the cutest feature, and it's long sleeves are perfect if you're somewhere where it's starting to get cold (get ready for ALL the Carole jokes). All you need to do is to throw on some thick tights and you'll be good to go. This is perfect for a socially distant bonfire, or if you can go to a house party, you'll be comfortable with tights OR without. A zip up jacket will work as well, if you can keep it partially zipped so that the Tiger can still be seen, you're going to get ALL the costume awards this year!

Wearing the Yandy Violent Warfare Ninja Costume in XL

What could be MORE perfect than a costume with a built in mask this year? This costume is perfect for a house party or anything outdoors where it's still on the warmer side out. This is ultra sexy with the side slits, but the bodysuit will keep everything in it's place. The mask adds some sexy mystery with of course, the added benefit of protecting yourself and others. Perfection!

Wearing the Yandy Black Spider Witch Costume in XL

With the Yandy Plus Size Fence Net Pantyhose

Here's another sassy number that's perfect for indoors or a warm climate. I love the skirt, the added volume with the tulle creates a more dramatic hourglass shape, and the corset like bodice is so feminine and pretty. It can easily be layered for warmth as well if you're headed to anything socially distanced outside where it will be chilly. All you need is thick black tights and a black jacket and you already have the hat built in! This hat was a little small on me, so those of you with big heads like me, or big voluminous hair (unlike me, sigh), keep that in mind.

Wearing the Yandy Cat Fight Costume in XL

I first fell in love with Julie Newmar in 7 Brides For 7 Brothers and wanted to BE her. When I saw her in the old Batman series on TMC as a kid, I couldn't believe how beautiful and sexy she was. I've always had a thing for Cat Women ever since ( especially Eartha Kitt, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That POWER!). This costume is my ideal sexy costume. Because I'm usually in NYC or at home in the Midwest, the long sleeves are perfect for staying a bit warmer, but the bodysuit nature makes it perfect for any climate or event.

Again, as is is perfect for a beach party or if you're traveling somewhere with low numbers where it's safe to be in a crowd indoors. If you're at an outdoor bar or bonfire, again, all you need is thick black tights, and you'll be set. The ears convey the idea of the costume and you could even throw a coat over it if you're somewhere where it's that cold already (it's getting there in Iowa already).

Want More?

Check out Yandy's full range of Plus Size Costumes (I'm between an XL and 1X so I often oscillate between both).

Staying in with bae? Check out Yandy's straight size and plus size lingerie for a partner only "costume."

Thank you to Yandy for making today's blog post possible!

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