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Modern Sexism: The Facebook and Tiktok Algorithms

The above screenshot is for a photo I took for Yandy X Lovers, which was combined ad for lingerie and self pleasure toy. I was fully clothed, wearing more fabric than I often do in a bikini, while holding the toy IN THE BOX. Cardi B can do it, why can't I?

The photo in question:

Salacious right? They have still not responded to my appeal.

I know that everyone is sick of the algorithm complaints, and I don't blame you. But now there are even more ways to inhibit women from being seen as of July 2021! Two updates I'd like to complain about/share with you are:

  1. Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app, the Head of Instagram announced on 6/30. They're now a wannabe Tiktok. This means, if you want to be seen, you better get on all of the Reel features ASAP, because that content is now prioritized.

  2. Yesterday, the Washington Post reports that Instagram is rolling out a new "sensitive content" feature, where it's DEFAULT setting is to not show you "content that you MIGHT find sensitive. "

Here's how to change your settings. If you like my content, please consider changing yours!

Many, many women are being affected by this and have for some time. Especially women of size. I've had so many posts blocked or removed for "adult content or nudity" (I don't shoot nudes unless they're with the famous photographer Lindsay Adler, FYI). Meanwhile, the men in my DM's can say filthy, disgusting things, they can call me, they can send me photos of their nether regions and when I report them? NOTHING HAPPENS. They get to keep their accounts while I've watched hundreds of plus size models lose their platforms, meaning their LIVELIHOOD, after building huge followings. Why? They were reported too many times. Jealous men never report pages, right? It must only be because so many people are offended by women of size and cellulite, right, Instagram? But when we report the men who harass us, where does all of this consideration go? It's not as vague as it used to be on this app... it's becoming increasingly clear that Instagram prioritizes the male experience and will limit and even delete women for simply standing in a bikini.

After dealing with this kind of censorship on my own page for years, and then watching Facebook remove the majority of the APPROVED ads that I've ran for Brassybra, I can say that based on my experience, we're going from bad to worse. Brassybra is a verified account. We have a Facebook Success article that they wrote ABOUT US. And still, our beyond compliant ads (often that have already been APPROVED BY FACEBOOK and ran to completion) are still removed, with no customer service, no appeal process, and no answers why.

I don't have many answers, but it seems like if you want to play the game, you better keep your body covered if you're a woman over a size 2. That is, until you're a celebrity, or a popular influencer. Then you can do whatever you like.


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