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New Yandy Swim For 2021: Can We Get On With The Roaring 20's Already?

What a winter after an insane year! Is anyone else ready to be on permanent spring break for the next 6 months? I know I am. I think our generation's Roaring 20's are about to happen and I am SO, SO READY FOR IT. My plans involve being in as little clothing as possible for as much of the time that I can manage. Oh and champagne. Lots of it.

I hope you're ready for some sexy, beautiful Yandy swimwear to start our party year off right. Make sure to use my code "meararose20" to save 20% off their whole site. Here we GOOO!

Wearing the Yandy Boa Constrictor Bikini in XL

How cool is the pink and purple pool light? I love feeling like a Glamazon in some 70's party mansion with this combination of glittery teeny bikini and pink and purple vintage pool light. I wore this almost every day out to the beach in Aruba and absolutely loved the fit and the fabric. The shiny material is so glamorous and the cut is ultra sexy and sultry. The under-boob is only the second most deliciously scandalous aspect of this number, as the back is a curved thong that is SO flattering on the booty. One of my favorite items from this season, for sure. I don't condone catcalling, but Pete and I got a few whistles and car honks while out and about when I was in this!

Wearing the Yandy She Got Jungle Fever Bikini in XL

If you're looking for a convertible tube top, look no further! This set is cute, with a little more coverage than the previous set, while still feeling sexy and on trend. I think the snake earrings and vintage glasses really pull the whole thing together, right? I didn't know I could like pink and green together, but here we are. I wish I had that color of pink lipstick!

Wearing the Yandy Snakey Suspicion Bikini in XL

Normally string bikinis aren't my favorite but this one fits me SO WELL. It's the perfect amount of teeny coverage with minimal tan lines. This is a total showstopper, and the reflective snake print is so fun and unusual. This makes me want more silver jewelry to wear with it, because I typically only wear gold. The ties don't loosen much like many string bikinis do; they're solid. All my thick girls know that we need THICK and reinforced straps to support our curves, otherwise they won't stay on for long. Highly recommend!

Yandy Astro-Physical High Cut One Piece Swimsuit In XL

There's that pool light again. I was home alone that night, having a rum cocktail I made and playing around in the pool when I decided to shoot some content. Not bad for a self portrait, right?

If there's any name of the game for this group of swimwear, it would be sparkles, right? Look how it glistens in the flash! It does the same thing in the sun. This bikini is not for the faint of heart, because while it's a one piece, it shows a lot of skin, and I LIKE IT! It's ultra, ultra high cut to the waist, and super low cut in the front. But don't worry, if you tie the straps well and wrap them around the waist like how I did, it's not going anywhere!

Looking for more options in plus? Yandy has your back. Check it out here.

Plus size lingerie? Shop here.

Straight size lingerie? Here ya go!

Plus Size Lingerie costumes? Yes please! And in straight size here.

Don't forget to take advantage of my code "meararose20" when shopping and get 20% off their whole site!

This blog was made possible by Yandy. I'm so proud to be a part of their Vixen Program!

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