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Some of My Yandy End Of Summer Favorites You HAVE to Grab Before Labor Day!

The end of summer is always such a stale, bittersweet feeling. We're trained from school to feel the excitement of the impending new year, while dreading the end of the long, warm days filled with playtime with our families. As an adult, it gets even weirder, as the months go by faster and faster and seasons changing matters less from the point of view of playtime and more from the "oh-shit-I'm-going-to-have-a-Vitamin-D-Deficiency-again-soon," perspective.

You know what helps offset the end of summer sadness like no other? RETAIL THERAPY!

If you're shopping on Yandy's site, don't forget to take advantage of my 20% off code, "meararose20," regardless of what you're looking for on their site!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE summer items it's not too late to wear, go get on it already!

Wearing the Yandy Craving Cobra Bikini in XL. Comes in multiple colors!

You guys already know how I feel about this cut. I already have this Yandy bikini style in just about every other color and fabric, so of COURSE I had to try the hot pink cobra print for my time in Florida! The hot pink makes your tan pop (yes I know mine is hardly there yet and is mostly due to standing next to a literal white wall) and the thick (thicc, hehe) thong bottom that Yandy makes is my unparalleled favorite swimsuit bottom they have. It's so flattering on the booty, and the "tit split" (I'm coining that, don't steal it) top is to die for. Florida, look out, I'm coming to a beach near you!

Wearing the Yandy Taking Shape Bra Set in XL

I'm 99% positive that this outfit can end any argument in 60 seconds flat. Whether you're feeling dominant or submissive (be sure to check out Yandy's latest KINK campaign that's dropping right soon, more on that later!), you can play both parts in this number. The holster is one of the MOST booty flattering items you can find, it's almost like a mini push-up bra for the badonk. The set is super stretchy so it can fit a wide variety sizes (I definitely had extra room up top, as usual, sigh, lol), and the neck piece can be adjusted to your level of preference of uh... auto-erotic asphyxiation. Wink ;).

Wearing the Yandy Cut Out For Cruising One Piece in XL.

Sexy thong one piece? SIGN ME UP! There are adjustable straps you can add as well but I prefer this one as a tube top. The cut-outs are and ties are super cute and on trend, and elevate this from being a boring one piece to a cute and elegant (and sassy) option. It's very stretchy and and soft so you'l be comfy at the beach all day, and it can also absolutely accommodate a size up or size down if necessary.

Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Paige Perfect Lace Teddy in a pink 1X. It's available in lavender and standard sizing as well!

Lace isn't always comfortable but this teddy is! It's perfect for when you want to feel ultra sensual but don't feel like dealing with a ton of straps, bells or whistles. The fabric is sturdy and supportive, so don't worry about feeling flimsy in this get up! The lace is classic, but the hot pink (and also lavender) color offers a modern twist.

Wearing the Yandy Glimmer of Light in XL

Last but DEFINITELY not least, is this baddie. This is probably the tiniest bikini I've ever received from Yandy and let me tell you, my tan lines are going to be non-existent! This is Pete's favorite, naturally, as he would prefer if I walked around in nothing, but alas, the law. This is the next best thing, perfect for your upcoming couple's trip, bachelorette party, or any other situation where you want to show maximum skin and SASS (emphasis on the last three letters). The wiring creates a super cool shape on the top that takes this from string bikini to LOOK AT THAT BIKINI. Watch the heads turn!

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This blog post was brought to you by Yandy!

Don't forget to use my code "meararose20," when shopping to save 20% off everything! Thank you as always for reading!

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