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The Best Airbnb's I've Stayed At Lately

This is not at all sponsored (though Airbnb, if you're reading this for some reason, help a girl out!).

I'm so grateful that I've been able to be at home with my family so much throughout this difficult year. But everyone needs some time to themselves sometimes. Once Pete got into town, I knew I wanted us to be able to bust out from time to time for a bit of alone time.

For his birthday, my brother Shaan helped me find the MOST random and most AMAZING place in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, that had it's own, indoor exercise pool!

You wouldn't think that a circular pool would be this fun, but it WAS. We were running around in circles all day, listening to music and podcasts, drinking wine, and even answering emails with our coffee as pictured below.

The house was a standard older Midwestern family home that was nice and clean, although not exactly stylish. If you're looking for a cozy and super fun and affordable retreat near Garnett, KS, check it out here.

This next Airbnb was not only modern, sleek, and gorgeous (and perfect for shooting photos, as you can see) but it was also totally affordable, and has enhanced clean for covid-19. This is an "Airbnb Plus" listing, which normally = super fancy and lots of $$$$, however this listing was surprisingly affordable. The whole house smelled like essential oils and was well stocked with delicious coffee, handmade organic soaps, and even fancy popsicles. The yoga nook was amazing, and the house was absolutely perfect and Instagrammable. Highly recommend if you're in the Kansas City area! Check out the listings for more photos here.

The last Airbnb is back on the east coast. We went there for a long weekend/content creation trip back in January before life was a complete disaster. It's ultra modern, affordable (in the winter, I would imagine pricing increases during peak season), and has a luxury gym, hot tub and POOL on the roof, compete with Skyline views of Philly.

I wish I could live here. I love it. We went out to dinner (back when we could, sigh) and even out to a comedy show. It's right downtown, but with an included parking lot if you happen to drive over. If you're looking to stay somewhere gorgeous in Philly, look no further. For full photos of the listing, along with other details, click here.

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