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The Red Haul: Why You Need My Favorite Color Lingerie This Ho-liday Season: Featuring Yandy Lingerie

I got the idea for this haul around my birthday (November 13th, in case you're feeling like sending me a present next year, wink). Red is my favorite color, and fits right into many festive holiday color schemes, so this month, we're all about RED, RED, RED!

Red is the color of love, of rage, health, and even our blood. It's life! It's passion! My favorite name for the word red is SCARLET.. Is there anything more Scorpio than a passionate red? Everyone has a shade that will work well on them, and I've included several below. There are straight size options and plus size options. Here we go!

Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Burgundy Blossom Crushed Velvet Teddy in size 1X/2X.

The lace and velvet details on this teddy are so feminine and soft. I love the plunge with the crossed strap detail across the bodice, and it even comes with garter straps if you're feeling like extra credit! This is a cooler shade of red that works on just about anyone.

Wearing the Yandy Plus Size Victorian Lace Bustier in Size 1X/2X

This is classic. Is there any more "teddy-like" teddy than this one? Sometimes we want traditional, and this is perfect for when you want to leave something more to the imagination (make them work for it). You can wear it with slacks over it as well for the bustier+blazer look. The red under the lace pops and the classic corset back is to die for.

Wearing the Yandy Starstruck Bra Set in XL

Yes, I asked Pete to get out of the hot tub and take this one on my birthday trip. I specifically brought the coat for this shot and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. We had the red light turned on in the hot tub and it looked amazing without the flash in real life, but unfortunately you couldn't see it when the flash was on for the photo! Sigh.

Is there anything more luxurious than red lingerie, a hot tub, wine and a fur coat (even if it's fake?!). I would gladly redo this trip again every month for the rest of my life. As Pete puts it... it was a real bacchanal :).

If you're my size or a bit larger, I would go with one of the other two options, because this was snug on me, but I love the design. The hint of red + black lace + garter combo in a two piece is hot, hot fire (just like the water in our Airbnb hot tub).

And another one, because I didn't want to get out...

Wearing the Yandy Lace Lingerie Gown Set in XL

This set is RED QUEEN status. There's more fabric, so it translates as elegant, but it's sheer, so it's still sensual AF. I'm wearing pasties here, but trust me, it's sheer. This is the perfect addition to your closet when you want something a bit different that's still super hot.

Thank you so much for reading! Happy Holidays to all you beautiful people! Today's post was made possible by For more from Yandy, check out their:

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And their amazing accessories here!



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