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The Yandy X Playboy Midsummer Night's Dream Collaboration is Just That... a Gorgeous Dream!

Click HERE for the Yandy X Playboy Midsummer Night's Dream Collab!

I have a tricky relationship with Shakespeare. I love Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet as much as the next girl (the Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet was a major contributing factor to me going through puberty), but the sonnets? That's where it's really at. Iambic pentameter? Sensual metaphors? The PASSION? YES! We love to see it. However with that said, unfortunately I will always feel personally victimized by Sonnet 29, thanks to a particularly bad high school teacher.

"When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes..." Disgrace, alright. We were memorizing and "performing" (for each other) this sonnet for our 9th grade "Speech" class, which was essentially a drama class in which this unnamed teacher picked his few favorites (any boy or girl with a symmetrical face and a body fat percentage under 10%) and paraded them around the class doing various "drama" exercises while the rest of us watched them stare into each other's eyes and literally spout love sonnets at one another. Ooh, sexual tension among the popular kids... "cool."

One day, when he was forced to actually interact with the rest of the class, he had us all take part in "trust falls." I tried to refuse, having at least 50 lbs on the largest kid in class, but was nonetheless pressured by this teacher into doing it in front of the entire class.

I fell back, his legs buckled. Though he tried to save me valiantly, I was thrust upon the floor. In front of everyone. As a 14 year old girl, I don't recommend this experience. So yes, my relationship with Shakespeare is... mixed.

Fast forward to 2021... here I am, a signed plus size model in NYC, getting hired to work with my favorite companies like Yandy. If you had told that "biggest girl in class" that at 14... I don't think I would've believed you. I am honored and humbled everyday to get to have these opportunities!

Yandy x Playboy created this magical collection and I think this is finally going to help heal my relationship with Shakespeare. Make sure to grab these items 20% off with my code "meararose20," when shopping!

Wearing the Playboy Plus Size Bewitched Babydoll Set in 1X

I wanted something that was more full coverage (and one item that was less so, see below), so I opted for this one. The intricate lace bodice (it's sheer, I'm wearing Brassybra underneath) is so lovely and sexy while the fuller skirt underneath offers a little more coverage when you want it. But not too much ;)

The little floral patterns in the mesh on top are my favorite part. And the little playboy bunny charm makes me feel like I'VE FINALLY MADE IT IN THIS WORLD!


Wearing the Playboy Enchanted Night Teddy in Teal XL (also comes in Purple).

As soon as I saw this collection this one stood out as my absolute favorite. I love the color, the cut, the flowers, everything! It feels so classy and elegant but also sooo sexy, which I love! It's totally sheer so I had to tape myself in both on top AND underneath (lolol, my friend who took the photo was laughing manically as I turned myself into a human Barbie doll for this photo). If this size range doesn't work there's an extremely similar option in 1X-3X here as well! The color though, THE COLOR! When do you see lingerie in this color with this kind of embroidery? I'm obsessed.

You have to see the whole collection and embrace your Fairy in the Forest fantasy. Check the whole collection out here!

For more plus size lingerie options, click HERE.

Looking for additional straight size options? Click HERE.

Free strawberry arousal cream when you spend $100 or more on the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Collection!

This blog was brought to you by Yandy. For 20% off their whole site, don't forget my code "meararose20."

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